What we do



MCM has broad corporate and investor access, connecting China to the rest of the world through targeted roadshows, investor conferences and direct investor interaction. We provide access to unique deals, investment opportunities & capital resources from Asia and establish global connections to source and execute cross-border transactions.

To facilitate your transaction, we provide a broad range of strategic and financial advices across a wide range of industry sectors. Our services include but are not limited to deal structuring, capital raise assistance, collar financing, IPO and M&A coordination, project financing advisory and syndication.

Capital Raising

To facilitate transactions, we provide a broad range of strategic and financial resources and experienced advice.

Financial Solutions

What we offer?

  • An experienced team with a complete focus to address our client’s needs
  • Established global connections to cater to cross-border transactions
  • Exclusive investment opportunities
  • Comprehensive solutions
  • High-quality financial advisory services


Our equity research team strives to deliver differentiated, actionable, and impactful results to clients worldwide. We are driven by intellectual curiosity, and direct our efforts to those mid and small-cap stocks which we think have an interesting or unique business model, room to grow, and most importantly, are typically not found in a more traditional investor universe.

Research & Strategy


Our focus on China is anchored in our belief that as the country continues to develop and more closely integrate with the global economy, resultant growth opportunities are many. We think China’s developmental progress thus far is only ‘scratching the surface’ of what is yet to come.

In a parallel theme, we view the changing role of technology as an increasingly critical component in the world, making impactful contributions toward progress in the fields of finance, healthcare, education, consumer services and transportation, to name a few. We think the tech revolution is not merely a one-act play, but is instead an accelerating and growing, factor shaping the future.

At the convergence of these three current phenomena is what drives our research: uncovering technology companies with the potential to expand and grow beyond their home markets in China to become key players on the road ahead. Anchored by the strength of our team, we combine our on-the-ground presence and global perspective to reach our goal of delivering research our clients trust and value.


MCM Partners offers a full range of Cash Equities Execution across the Asia and most major global markets for professional institutional investors. We provide our clients access to all listed tradable instruments and local market information and offer dedicated, professional execution and trading at competitive fees.

Execution Services


Our Experienced team of traders aims to understand the client’s needs and deliver the best execution, using a mixture of manual and algorithmic trading tools.


MCM Investment Partners (MCMIP) is the investment arm of MCM Holdings specialising in Asset Management and holds a Type 9 license issued by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC).

Quantitative / Alternative Solutions

MCMIP was formally established in 2016 initially to meet investor demand utilising the team’s state-of-the-art quantitative techniques. The team have now successfully developed a suite of alpha generative investment strategies that can be applied to liquid equity markets globally from alternative beta to market neutral and volatility strategies.

Private Equity

MCMIP is also responsible for managing MCM’s broader involvement in sourcing and structuring Private Equity opportunities for investors in Asia. Working closely with major stakeholder Chinlink International Holdings Ltd, the team have developed strong partnerships across the region and have committed to assisting the development of the Private Equity industry in China.

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Absolute Return Long-Short

  • For investors mandated on long-short or a near-neutral market exposure,
  • The MCMIP “Alternative Cointegration algorithm” identifies the relative dislocation of assets via cutting-edge statistical arbitrage and pairs trading techniques.

Absolute Return Long-Only

  • For investors looking for diversification with a stable income stream,
  • The MCMIP “Cross Asset Allocator” provides optimized exposure across various asset classes to maximize the time-varying alpha.

Volatility Carry / Hedge

  • For yield-seeking investors or hedgers utilizing volatility as an asset class,
  • The MCMIP “State-dependent VIX model with Dynamic Hedge” offers stable yield via volatility carry and further embeds a unique feature to hedge against systemic risk.

Relative Return Long-Only

  • For benchmark aware investors with specific  market exposure looking for outperformance
  • The MCMIP “Style-Smart Beta Mapping” adopts sophisticated econometric techniques to deliver the best risk-controlled factor premia.

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